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and Tax

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Advice Fiscal and Tax

FAX ASESORÍA INTEGRAL DE EMPRESAS offers the following fiscal services:

  • Fiscal managment:
    • Tax managment before accrual date.
    • Analysis the possibilities in reducing tax burden.
    • Proceding suggestions meetings.
    • Proposal implementation

  • Technical assistance before Tax Agency, about audit tax procedures.

  • Adminitrative procedures for civil service for its duties: acquisition of certificates, Tax Agency verifications, Trade Register (Company’s House), Land Registry Office, Generalitat de Catalunya and others…

  • Drafting, completion and presentations of tax return activity.

  • Drafting and technical assistance on tax source for right defense.

  • Analysis and verification of transfer prices.

FAX ASESORÍA INTEGRAL DE EMPRESAS offers the following mercantile services:

  • Technical assistance in creating new societies.

  • Writing, preparation and filing of annual financial statements and procedure reports.

  • Legalization of books.

  • Secretary services with the Administrative Council, writing of acts and minutes and maintenance of official books.

  • Board of Shareholders.

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