Advice Fiscal
and Tax

Economic and
Financial planning

Labour Procedure
and Advice

Legal Support

Risk Prevention


Labour Procedure and Advice

Hiring and labour management

  • Variety of contract drawings and proceedings.
  • Bonus, subsides and reduction of taxes management.
  • Procedures on openings of workplaces dealing with Office Territorial Manager.
  • Legalization of books.
  • Writing of notice letters such us: notice, end of contract, dismissals, warning…
  • Especial labour relations.

Social Security

  • Workers and companies affiliations.
  • Pricing
  • Collection
  • Elaboration of writings and proceeding for Social Security quote deferments.
  • Preparation of the requested documentation and proceeding of the following:
    • Retirement
    • Permanent disability
    • Widow
    • Maternity/fatherhood
    • Unemployment
  • Elaboration and proceeding of illness and accident documentation.


  • Payslip and addtional payslip making.
  • Estimation of compensations and dismissal.
  • Flexible compensation.
  • Studies of labour costs.
  • Permanent update of collective agreement.

Labor consultancy

  • Appearance at Labour Inspection.
  • Representation of the comapny before conciliations to the mediation centre, arbritration, and conciliation.
  • Appearance before Social Security Court.
  • Periodic news information abaout legal modifications that may accur.
  • Consulting and processing of force adjustment plans.
  • Management before Wages Guarantee Fund.
  • Hiring and legalization of foreign workers.

Treasury Department

  • Quarterly and mothly income tax return.
  • Income tax return annual summary.
  • Income and deduction certificates.

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